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Business Planning for Small Business

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If you’re like most small business owners, there’s a good chance you don’t have a business plan. Even if you do, you probably haven’t looked at it since you started your company or asked the bank for money.

Dr. Warren Harmer, who has been helping small business owners succeed for more than twelve years, shares real examples and stories so you can overcome whatever challenge comes your way. Read more


  • Dr Harmer has written an easy to follow guide on how to write up a business plan along with some great templates to get you started. For someone who just purchased a business and did not have a clue about how to go about writing up a business plan, I found this book to be insightful and very helpful. It was also a great reminder to look back on my business plan and the importance of reviewing it and not letting it get pushed to the side. A great, simple and easy guide to help build a successful plan for your business.

    — Jess —
  • A book that takes you through all those aspects that a business needs. By reading it a common man can point out the weak corners of any small medium type of business.

    — Khan —
  • Great and insightful business planning book for small business owner like me with not much experience in hand. It was quiet overwhelming to have to prepare my own business plan but this book is exactly what i needed! The book guided me through step by step using clear and easy to understand business terms and explanation are clear. It definitely inspired and encourage me to be more confident with my business goal in a long term. The best part for me is the downloadable business templates. I am sure to have this book handy with me all the time. Truly inspiring and helpful and a business planning bible indeed. Highly recommended!

    — Elvin —
  • A practical resource that’s a great starting point for aspiring small business owners.

    — Tristanjwhite —

About Me

I am a cultivator of great small businesses

I have a Ph.D in science but fell into the world of small business by accident and discovered my passion. My experience owning and consulting to small businesses now spans over 17 years. I like to solve problems using a scientific approach; looking objectively at businesses to see what is happening and applying first principles. In small business, outcomes reign over theory.

Practical, hands-on advice for small business owners is sorely lacking, since most ‘experts’ have never owned one. Most business information is targeted to big business and their employees.

My objective is to offer instructive, ‘how to’ information to make ownership easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.

I own 2 businesses that specialise in small business: Crecer small business advisors and The Business Plan Company.


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