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Coaches and consultants: a user’s guide

Coaches and consultants are a dime-a-dozen, especially in the small business space. There are a lot of professionals out there, with wildly varying skills and experience, all espousing to be experts and with different approaches. What they are selling is their own version of success to their their business owners clients. I have been one…

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Tough problems made easy: think like a scientist

I’ve had a few career changes – big career changes. My regular readers will know that my meandering path started off many moons ago in the lab, and that I spent 8 years at university studying science. Then I took a hard left turn and became a restaurant owner. After that, I became what I…

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Pugs: what they can teach us about sales.

I have 2 of the cutest housemates imaginable: pugs. Ernie is a 2 year old fawn with a slightly anxious but very sweet personality. Frank is a 6 month old black boy with the personality of a toddler – cheeky, energetic and impossibly cute. A colleague once said to me that “children are the best…

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Governments can help small business – here’s how

“Small business” is a term that governments, economists and policy makers love to toss around, usually in the same sentence as such cliches like ‘the backbone of the economy.’ We hear them so much so that they have become empty words, as evidenced by the lack of real action, innovation and leadership by governments on small business.

Backflips are bad for your business

If only the same rules applied to business: the more difficult the challenges, the higher the chances of succeeding. But it’s not. Businesses are not created equally, with even playing fields, the same degree of difficulty and equivalent chances of success. At any given time, the full gamut of factors can be thrown at your businesses: economic headwinds, changes to technology, staff shortages, low profit margins or difficult clients. Small business owners can easily find themselves doing acrobatics to reach their goals, by choice or not.
Have you ever given consideration to the degree of difficulty in your business? Are you doing unnecessary backflips? Let’s look at a few examples of higher degrees of difficulty, for no extra rewards.

Small Business Owners

It’s all about you; the business owner matters.

Small business gurus espouse Turn Key Operations as the pinnacle that all business owners should ascend; businesses that are systemised, replicated and rolled out to the masses. It’s the business model made famous by Ray Kroc at McDonalds and the case study flogged at business seminars. If this approach was as simple as it sounds,…

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Small Business Big Clients

Survival skills: small businesses with big clients

For many small businesses, the big pot of gold at the end of their rainbow is a big contract from a corporate client. From a distance they seem like all money worries will be over, working life will be easier, or even the start of a life of luxury. Winning a big contract as a…

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Is your business breaking your heart?

Is your business breaking your heart?

Starting a new business is like starting a new relationship. But how do you know when your business is bad for you? When is it time to break up?

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